March 7-9 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Cellulosic material Properties and industrial potential – Final meeting in COST FP1205. Read more


September 22-23 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Joint Working Groups & Management Committee meetings. Cellulosic materials – processing, properties and promising applications. Read more


13-14 April- 2016, Borås

Conference on Cellulosic material properties and industrial potential (Including Working Group Meetings and Management Committee Meeting) Read more


Joint Working Groups  & Management Committee Meetings

On behalf of the local organising committee, and in association with the scientific committee, we have the pleasure to announce to you the venue of the next COST Action FP1205 meeting: ”Advances in cellulose processing and applications – research goes to industry, Joint Working Groups & Management Committee Meetings” which will be organised in Iasi, Romania, on March 10–11, 2015. Read more


Seminar in Madrid on October 15–16, 2014

Ongoring modification of cellulose nanofibres and their potential applications

The aim of the seminar was to offer an overview of the current chemical functionalization suitable for cellulose nanofibers, in view to its application in specific potential sectors. Functionalization of non-modified cellulose nanofibres is a necessary step to increase the applicability. Read more


Third COST Action FP1205 Workshop

COST Action FP1205 held its third workshop meeting on ”Science and uses of nanocellulose” and ”Cellulose foams and films” in Bangor, UK, on March 5–6, 2014. In conjunction with the workshop, the first training school on ”Applications of cellulose in industrial film applications” was held on March 3–4, 2014. Read more


Second COST Action FP1205 Workshop

COST Action FP1205 held its second workshop meeting on ”Cellulose dissolution and regeneration” in Gothenburg, Sweden, on December 3–4, 2013, with more than 50 participants from universities, research institutes and companies. Read more


First COST Action FP1205 Workshop

COST Action FP1205 held its first workshop meeting in Vila Real, Portugal, on September 30 and October 1, 2013. A total of 27 participants attended. The theme of the workshop was to learn about activities in the member countries, as well as providing opportunities for delegates to present some of their ongoing research. Read more