First meeting, Workshop, 1 October 2013, Vila Real, Portugal

COST Action FP1205 held its first workshop meeting in Vila Real, Portugal, on September 30 and October 1, 2013. A total of 27 participants attended. The theme of the workshop was to learn about activities in the member countries, as well as providing opportunities for delegates to present some of their ongoing research.
In total 16 national capability presentations were given:



(Other national presentations has been given at other meetings)

Belgium (Presentation)

Netherlands (Presentation)

Denmark (Presentation)

Poland (Presentation)

France (Presentation)

Portugal (Presentation)

Germany (Presentation)

Romania (Presentation)

Hungary (Presentation)

Spain (Presentation)

Ireland (Presentation)

Sweden (Presentation)

Italy (Presentation)

Switzerland (Presentation)

Latvia (Presentation)

United Kingdom (Presentation)


In WG1 (Textile fibre manufacture), the theme was learning more about a range of new applications and traditional characterization, which included:

Alberta Mok (SP, SE) – Challenges in dissolving cellulose with the aim of cellulose regeneration and industrial applications. (download pdf)

Daishi Sakaguchi (Aalto, FI) – New brand and future applications for textile and fashion by cellulose

Soren Barsberg (Copenhagen Uni, DK) – Cellulose I & II structures & molecular interactions (download pdf)

Carmen Popescu (Petru Poni Inst, RO): IR studies on cellulose

Åsa Östlund (SP, SE): NMR studies on cellulosic material (download pdf)


In WG2 (Science and uses of nanocellulose), it was hoped there would be a focus on identifying and/or establishing industrial successes. As a background towards this, there were presentations from:

Steve Eichhorn (Exeter Uni, UK): Introduction to WG2 (download pdf)

Steve Eichhorn (Exeter Uni, UK): Carbon fibres from cellulose (download pdf)

Electra Papadopoulou (Chimas, EL): Nanocellulose in wood-based panels: A review (download pdf)

Amparo Lopez Rubio (IATA, ES): Novel Strategies for the Development of Improved Nanocellulose-based Polymer and Biopolymer Nanocomposites (download pdf)


In WG3 (Cellulose foams and films), the aims and goals of the Working Group were outlined and complimented by presentations from:

Andreas Koschella (University of Jena, DE): Introduction to Working Group 3 (download pdf)

Laura Vikele (Latvia State Uni, LV): Nanostructured cellulose used for improvement of paper properties (download pdf)

Rikard Slattegard (Melodea, IL): Melodea – Biobased composite solutions (download pdf)