Cellulose dissolution and regeneration, Workshop, 3–4 December 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden

COST Action FP1205 held its second workshop meeting on “Cellulose dissolution and regeneration” in Gothenburg, Sweden, on December 3–4, 2013, with more than 50 participants from universities, research institutes and companies.

The first day of the meeting was linked to the Troëdsson seminar series 2013-2014. Guest speakers on the first day was Herbert Sixta (Aalto University, Finland), Thomas Heinze (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany) and Patrick Narvard, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France).

The second day was mainly allocated to Early Stage Researchers, with presentation of their research within the field of cellulose dissolution and regeneration and posters within the theme for COST FP1205.

The meetings were funded by “The Troëdsson Foundation”, ”The Södra Forest-owners foundation for research, development and education” and COST.

Book of abstracts

Presentations from the meeting is available through the links below:

Dec 3, 2013

Herbert Sixta
Progress in Regenerated Cellulose Fiber Production.
Download (PDF)

Patrick Navard
Cellulose dissolution: solvent options and opportunities for improving existing or preparing new materials.
Download (PDF)

Thomas Heinze
Chemical modification of cellulose towards future cellulosic material.
Download (PDF)

Dec 4, 2013

Carina Olsson
Influence of water on dissolution and swelling of cellulose in EMIMAc.
Download (PDF)

Alexander Idström
Structural investigation of regenerated cellulose using solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
Download (PDF)

Artur Hedlund
Investigations of the coagulation of cellulose solutions.
Download (PDF)

Niklas Kvarnlöf
Future regeneration of cellulose based fibers for textile purposes.
Download (PDF)

Anna Palme
Ageing and hornification of cellulose in cotton textiles during long time use.
Download (PDF)

Hans Grundberg
Cellulose carbamate from a new process.
Download (PDF)

Gabriele Schild
Cellulose-xylan blends in viscose fibers.

Anna Lewandowska
Conversion of regenerated cellulose woven textiles to carbon fibre pre-forms (no official presentation, sensitive material).

Holger Wondraczek
Structure and property design of polysaccharide-based nanoparticles.
Download (PDF)

Mojca Božič
Enzymatic vs. chemical phosphorylation of nanocellulose fibers.
Download (PDF)

Laura Vikele
Preparation methods and characterisation of nanostructured cellulose.
Download (PDF)


Monica Ek
Increased accessibility and reactivity of wood and non-wood paper grade pulps using enzymatic and chemical pre-treatment.

Zeki Candan
Nanocellulose reinforced adhesives for wood composites.
Download (PDF)

Alberto Coz
Study of sulphite process to obtain dissolving pulp and other valorisation options from spent liquor.
Download (PDF)

Liu Ming
Hemp fibers: Enzymatic effect of microbial processing on fibre bundle structure.

Amit Rivkin
Nature inspired bio-adhesives.
Download (PDF)

Vera Vivod
Green enzymatic acylation of nano cellulose fibers in the presence and absence of scCO2.
Download (PDF)

Yuval Nevo
Nano Crystalline Cellulose/Nano Particles (NCC/NPs); Light Tunable Reinforced Plastic Sheets.
Download (PDF)

Valentina Coccia
NCC from lignocellulosic biomass: applications and future prospects.
Download (PDF)

Elena Vismara
Renewable lignocellulosic biomass for the synthesis of cellulose derivatives.
Download (PDF)

Alberto Ribeiro
Mechanical behavior of wood fibre reinforced concrete matrix.

Anders Thygesen
Cellulosic Fibers: Effect of Processing on Fiber Bundle Strength.