Cellulosic materials – processing, properties and promising applications, Joint Working Groups & Management Committee meetings, 22-23 September 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Joint Working Groups & Management Committee meetings of COST Action FP1205 in Budapest on 22nd – 23rd September, 2016.

The aim of the workshop was to provide updates on new product area development around the theme “Cellulosic materials – processing, properties and promising applications”. The conference was held September 22-23 2016 in Budapest. The meeting comprised of presentations from experts in the related areas.


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Welcome – Alfréd Menyhárd – Head of Laboratory
Laboratory of Plastics and Rubber Technology Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science
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Ulf Germgård (Karlstad University, SE)
Integration of a sulfite pulp mill and a viscose plant
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Nandual Wanasekara (University of Exeter, UK):
Molecular deformation and orientation in ionic liquid spun cellulose fibers
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Paola Orsolini (EMPA, CH):
Dense and porous nanofibrillated cellulose substrates
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P1 – Tal Ben Shalom (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL):
Novel environmental friendly new method for crosslinking of cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) via esterification
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P2 – Arthur Werner (Univ. Bordeaux, FR):
A novel method to produce polymer nanolatexes by Pickering emulsification with cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs)
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P3 – Vanja Kokol (Univ. Maribor, SI):
In situ synthesised NanoCellulose – Hydroxyapatite based composites for phenol and cobalt adsorption
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P4 – Mariusz Mamiński (Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Pl):
Cellulose degradation products as a raw material for PUR foams
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P5 – Levente Csóka (University of West Hungary, HU):
Surface chemistry of sonochemically-treated bacterial cellulose
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P6 – Chiara Bongio (Politecnico di Milano, IT):
Bacterial nanocellulose glycidylmethacrylate grafting. Preparation and perspective
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P7 – Kay Hettrich (Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research, DE):
Preparing of nanoparticles from partly derivatized cellulose
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P8 – Renata Toczyłowska-Mamińska (Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Pl):
Perspective use of solubilised cellulose in microbial fuel cells (MFCs)
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P9 – Zvi Shtein (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL):
Spider silk-CBD-CNC composites: mechanism of assembly
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P10 – Sebestyén Nagy (BME, HU):
Production and properties of nanocrystalline cellulose suspensions and films
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Marc Delgado-Aguilar(University of Girona, ES):
Hydrophobic nanocellulose-based aerogels for selective oil removal: an effective and simple method
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Eduardo Robles (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, ES):
Heterogeneous silanization of cellulose nanofibers with 3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane
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Victor Kisonen (Bi-Co, FI):
Cellulose in horticultural applications
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P11 – Benjamin Dhuiège ( University of Bordeaux, LCPO, FR):
Synthesis and characterisation of nanocellulose aerogels for the elaboration of innovative and biosourced bone substitutes
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P12 – Laura Vikele/Linda Vecbiskena (Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, LV)
100% recycled paper packaging materials: processing, properties and potential application
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P13 – Alena Šišková (Polymer Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK):
Cellulose-based controlled-release agrochemicals formulation
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P14 – Alican Gençe (KUL euven, BE):
Influence of the particle concentration and Marangoni flow on the formation of cellulose nanocrystal films
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P17 – Bianca-Ioana Dogaru (Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, RO):
Analytical methods for the investigation of the water – biodegradable films interaction
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P19 – Imola Herceg (BME, HU):
Interaction of water with CNC films
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P20 – David Leibler (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL):
Nanocomposite films based on cellulose nanocrystals and titanium dioxide nanoparticles
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Kristiina Oksman (Luleå University of Technology, SE)
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Helena Oliver-Ortega (Universitat de Girona, ES):
Preliminary results of the application of carboxymethylated cellulose as a reinforcing agent in papermaking
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Noemi Merayo (Complutense University of Madrid, ES):
Relevance of retention systems when using cellulose nanofibers as strength additives in papermaking
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