Fifth Training School

Potsdam (DE), Jan 17-19, 2017

Characterization of nanocellulose

The Training School was hosted by Fraunhofer IAP. The aim of the fifth training school was to generate knowledge and practice on characterization of materials based on nanocellulose. The participants learned more about different characterization methods, the application possibilities, advantages/disadvantages, detection limit, and sample preparation for the different methods.

The first day offered lectures about different possibilities for material characterization of small particles. The topic of the second day was a theoretical introduction and after that the possibility of practical working in the lab with some selected methods. The training was carried out in small groups.

Here you can download the presentations given during training school day 1 and 3.

Presentations day 1

Introduction and welcome (download PDF)
Marielle Henriksson

Biopolymers and –composites at Fraunhofer IAP (download PDF)
Johannes Ganster

Possibilities of  the X-ray examination for characterization of polymers (download PDF)
Andreas Bohn

Electron microscopy TEM/SEM (download PDF)
Manfred Pinnow

Characterization of cellulose and nanocellulose via NMR and permeation measurements (download PDF)
Melanie Bartel

Characterization of nanocellulose with porosimetry and volumetric gas adsorption (download PDF)
Kay Hettrich


Presentations day 3

Characterization of Polymers and Particles by Analytical Ultracentrifugation (download PDF)
Dr. Erik Wischerhoff

Application of electro-hydrodynamic processing to coat paper and board – Use of nanocellulose as the coating filler for high performance papermaking Products (download PDF)
Christian Kossel, Adriane Cherpinski, Jose M. Lagaron

Nanomechanical Characterization of Native Cellulose I via Coarse Grained Simulation (download PDF)
Adolfo Poma

New Quality Index for Benchmarking of different cellulose nanofibrils (download PDF)
Johanna Desmaisons

Surface modification of CNCs with Diels-Alder Moieties  (for smart materials) (download PDF)
Prof. Marie-Pierre Laborie, Prof. Dr. Vincent Roucoules